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FAQs about Special Education

Q1. What do I do if I am concerned about my child's academic, language and/or behavioral development?

A1.Both parents and teachers have the right to request a special educationevaluation. When a parent requests a special education evaluation, theyusually send a letter requesting the evaluation to the principal. The principal, teacher and parent may discuss classroom interventionsbefore evaluation. When the regular ed team (principal, teacherand parent) decides that an evaluation may be appropriate, the referralis then made to the Child Study Team (special education professionalsplus the classroom teacher and an administrator). There arefederal laws guiding each step of the special education process. When averbal or written request is made, a meeting may be held to determinewhether or not a student is eligible for evaluation.

Q2. Who is on the team?

A2.The team is comprised of the parent(s)/guardian(s), the classroomteacher, the special education teacher, a district representative, andany other applicable persons, such as the speech language pathologist,the occupational therapist, or the social worker.

Q3. What is an I.E.P.?

A3.An I.E.P. is an Individualized Education Plan. When a student qualifiesfor special education services, and individual plan for that student'sprogress is developed by the special education team. It may includegoals for this student's reading development, behavior, languagedevelopment, etc. This plan is reviewed annually.

Q4. What is an AIP?

A4. An AIP is an Academic Improvement Plan. It is NOT aspecial ed plan. It is written by the classroom teacher andparents and it is implemented in the classroom.