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Educación especial


Special Education at Adams Spanish Immersion

Adams conducts special education evaluations to determine eligibilityfor special education services. Adams supports the special educationneeds of students with a variety of mild to moderate language,learning, emotional/behavioral, physical and/or health relateddisabilities. Families with children who have special education needs,health-related needs, or accessibility needs, and require, or willrequire special education services or supports, should contact theprincipals at their schools of choice to find out whether those schoolscan provide the needed services. Families should contact the schoolsabout their child’s special needs before completing their schoolapplication. While a variety of special education andhealth-related services are available at all schools, not every schoolcan provide all specialized services. School district staff willwork with families to find the most appropriate school setting for eachchild. For more information, call (651) 767-8321. Alternatively,Adams staff can be contacted directly: Katie Scanlan, special educationteacher;Denise Joyce, speech language pathologist; Amanda Ongstad, schoolsocial worker

FAQs about Special Education
Click on this link to find out basic facts about Special Education.