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What Your Student will Learn in 4th Grade Writing
4th Grade Standards for Writing

The students will write clearly and coherently to effectively communicate for a variety of audiences and purposes.
I.  Types of Writing
Standard:  The student will compose various pieces of writing.
Students will:
1.  Write a variety of styles to express meaning including: descriptive, narrative, informative, friendly letter, poetic, persuasive, and thank you note.

II. Elements of Composition
Standard:  The student will engage in writing, with attention to organization, focus and quality of ideas.

Students will:
1.  Write topic sentences.
2.  Create multiple paragraph compositions that include:

  1. Correct paragraph indentation style
  2. An introductory paragraph formulating a thesis
  3. Supporting evidence that upholds an overall thesis
  4. A concluding paragraph as a summary.

3.  Use composing processes, including:

  1. prewriting-planning strategies such as brainstorming, journaling, sketching, listing, outlining and determining audience, purpose and focus
  2. Drafting-organizing, supporting and putting ideas into sentences and paragraphs
  3. Revising-improving the quality of content, organization, sentence structure and word choice
  4. Editing-correcting errors in spelling and grammar
  5. Publishing-producing a document and sharing the writing with the audience.

4.  Create informative reports, including gathering material, formulating ideas based on gathered material, organizing information, and editing for logical progression.
5.  Use verbalization (discussions, interviews, brainstorming) to prepare for writing.
6.  Consider audience in composing texts.

III. Spelling, Grammar, and Usage
Standard:  The student will apply Standard English conventions when writing.
Students will:
1.  Compose complete sentences when writing.
2.  Identify and correct spelling of frequently used words and common homophones.
3.  Spell roots, suffixes, prefixes, and syllable constructions correctly.
4.  Apply grammar conventions correctly in writing, including: verb tense, adverbs, prepositions, subject and verb agreement, and possessive pronouns.
5.  Apply punctuation conventions correctly in writing, including: apostrophes, capitalization of proper nouns, abbreviations, sentence beginnings, commas in a series and quotation marks.

IV. Research
Standard:  The student will locate and use information in reference materials.

Students will:
1.  Locate information in various reference materials including dictionaries, online dictionaries, glossaries, encyclopedias, and the Internet.

V. Handwriting and Word Processing
Standard:  The student will write legibly and use a keyboard.
Students will:
1.  Write legibly in both print and cursive.
2.  Apply basic keyboarding skills.